Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper Chain Song Countdown

I wanted to give the children a little reminder of the songs we are singing in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday, so made a paper chain to help them countdown the days, and practice at the same time. I am attaching 7 strips of paper to a note that reads:

Make a paper chain, alternating red and green strips. Every night, take off one chain and practice one of the songs we will sing in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday, Dec. 12th.
Red = Away in a Manger (CS 42)
Green = Mary’s Lullaby (CS 44)

I may do this again next year the week before the big Primary program, using a different color link for each song they will be singing!


  1. Great idea! I especially like the idea to make one for the Program! :)

  2. Love it! We're singing 3 songs next week too. If I have time this morning, I'll use your idea:)

  3. I did it:) Thanks for the idea. I blogged it & put your blog reference on it. The kids had a great time & will be ready next week!

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